Coffeewave Three zine/tape bundle


An audio visual collaboration between Artist Dewey Saunders & DJ Ed Christof. Coffeewave Three is the third cup of coffee in the trilogy, maybe the waviest of all the mixes. From Brazilian cuts to sleazy soft rock, back to dub reggae and mellow loops, this set of waves has the perfect mood for the connoisseurs of the cup and riders of the morning wave. Ed started brewing a small playlist on Spotify and slowly added more and more songs until there was a small coffee tsunami in effect. As Dewey paddled out and caught the wave, the collages starting coming together as the sounds were surfed. Pastel gradients provided the chillest backgrounds, and the collage work bended into shape. Heavily influenced by the psychedelic patterning and sun soaked colors of surf culture, sensual muses along with Central American motifs come together to create a visual accompaniment to the caffeinated cassette tape. This is music for daydreaming, vibes to fly on the sunrise, and morning waves to wade in as you hit the brew. Zine : 40 pages. Full color. 8" x 8". Tape : Coffeewave Three mix by Ed Christof dubbed onto personalized cassette tape. Link to mix